Working Title

[Note: After much incisive feedback, the book is being entirely rewritten. This page will stay in place. The new content will probably go on or something like that.]

[Note 2: I have decided not to rewrite this content as a whole anymore and instead to focus on packaging the concepts into individual blog posts with minimal inferential distance from identifiable (and not necessarily always the same) audiences. Publishing this content as a book is thus no longer a near-term goal of mine.]

The purpose of this book is to trace a sort of natural history of the genesis, metamorphosis, and propagation of structure. The Universe began essentially formless and homogeneous, but the flow of its particles over time has created repetitive patterns that have completely overwritten the formlessness. Major themes in the book include similarity, difference, repetition, symmetry, nestedness, dimensionality, dis/continuity, stochasticity, interaction, and darwinism. I’m not scared of coining new words, but whenever I can I try to fit them into the existing lexicon of the relevant literature. I’m quite aware of engineers and woo, so I plan to keep discussions of quantum mechanics to a minimum and to not mention consciousness even once! I’ll let myself get a little more wild in my next book. Some of my inspirations are William Dembski, Daniel Dennett, Owen Barfield, Arthur Koestler, Gilles Deleuze, Dan Sperber, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Table of Contents

Part I: Symposition (~17,000 words)

  1. Divisibility, Repetition, and the Dust
  2. The Condensation of the Dust
  3. Reprimitivization, Physical Sets, Partonomies, Levels, and Sem-linking
  4. Pose, Sympositions, Masking, and the Logos
  5. Individuals, Populations, Distillations, and Modularity
  6. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Pose, Partonomic Gaps, and Substrate
  7. Parameter Spaces, Histograms, and Modes
  8. Taxonomies, Variation, and Broken Symmetries
  9. Potential Landscapes, Exergy, and Thermodynamics
  10. Serial and Parallel Sympositions and Non-Hierarchical Partonomies
  11. Episodic and Dynamic Well-existence and Sem-looping

Part II: Biological Symposition

  1. TBA Life, Darwinic Well-existence, and Hypercycles
  2. TBA Generations, Parenthood, and Meropoiesis
  3. TBA The Growth Rainbow
  4. TBA Remultiplication, Families, Genealogies, and Homology
  5. TBA Evolution, Fitness Landscapes, and Analogy
  6. TBA Darwinception, Sampled and Gradient Descent, and the Baldwin Effect

Part III: Co. S.

  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA
  6. TBA

Part IV: Cu. S.

Part V: L. S.