Welcome to the test run of my first book (and hopefully more)!

I have a manuscript that has been through a couple drafts. I’ve decided to share my work instead of keeping it a big secret while finding a publisher or self-publishing on Amazon. I figure I can simultaneously get a following interested in my ideas and hopefully receive a lot of incisive feedback. I expect my manuscript to undergo some major revisions through this process, and my plan is for that resulting manuscript to be the one that gets kept a big secret until the big reveal. I’ll upload the ~30 Chapters Part by Part every few weeks, and I’ll keep a table of contents over at Working Title. Also, I probably won’t be able to resist the urge to interleave other content between the blogged chapters.

If you’d like to leave feedback, please comment or ping me at $screennameIUseForEverything@gmail while addressing the following concerns in particular:

  1. Is there content I have explained too succinctly? (let me know your background)
  2. Is there content I have over-explained? (ditto. Also: this)
  3. Is there content I have hand-waved rather than explained?
  4. Is there content that seems disconnected from the rest of my ideas?
  5. Is there content that is just flat-out wrong?
  6. Should I include more/fewer examples for concepts I introduce? (suggestions for examples are welcome)
  7. Am I reinventing any wheels unjustifiably?
  8. Are there connections between different parts of my work that I have failed to identify and build?
  9. Are there any connections to others’ work that I should address?
  10. Would the removal of hyperlinks adversely affect the way the content reads?

Please be specific about the problematic content. Feel free to correct typos and such, even though that’s not the main purpose of this exercise. Also, the list above is entirely provisional, so don’t feel confined to the ten points.

If you’re a publisher, and you think my work can go somewhere, please do get in touch.

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